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Testimonials from online talks:-

  • Thanks very much for hosting our meeting. It was very informative and entertaining, and I definitely thought it a success

  • Many thanks for a superb presentation! I don’t think that it lost anything by being a Zoom presentation

  • Many thanks for yesterday, lovely to see our zoom room full

  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for our zoom meeting today. You always make them so interesting and so easy to become really engrossed!

  • Loved your talk ... you made me chuckle several times as well as learning loads

  • It has been great to meet new people who are also stimulating and helpful

Testimonials from online courses:-

  • So grateful that this course was run online, which gave me the opportunity to participate during lockdown and miles away from the Tutor's base

  • You have revitalised my brain out of the lockdown because your sessions are so stimulating

  • In a nutshell the course well & truly exceeded my expectations - I have learnt so much

  • Most helpful was gaining a systematic approach to my family history research and having a highly knowledgeable, approachable and communicative teacher

  • The amount I got out of the course greatly exceeded my expectations

  • I have made a great deal of progress which would not have been possible had I not undertaken the course

Testimonials following Family History Courses:- 

  • I am continually stimulated by the class and go away each week with lots to think about and involve myself in

  • The information you gave is invaluable on the initial steps of beginning my Family Tree.

  • It was informal but professionally done, making it very enjoyable and comfortable in asking questions.

  • The course could not be improved, it was excellent.

  • Excellent and comprehensive course.

  • Brilliant as usual. Being with other class members enhanced my knowledge and understanding of family history.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the whole course, exceptionally well presented and very interesting.

  • I had no knowledge of palaeography before, would love to make advancement in this field.

  • Loved every bit of this course. Outcomes challenging and relevant. Liked the freedom to adjust research to individual interests.


Testimonials from workshops:-

  • I learned a lot and it has re-enthused me to explore the programme in more detail ...

  • Enlightening and opened my mind.  Amazing!

  • Introduction was great - workshop was very useful and an excellent way of engaging everyone from the beginning.

  • Especially helpful seeing everything up on the screen.  Very useful watching you actually search and explaining what you were doing. 

  • You really put over what people wanted to know and where to look especially on the web.

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