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With a wide range of both general and genealogy talks Jackie now presents these online via Client's zoom accounts or in person. If you would like to know more read on ...

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Family, House and Local History Topics

for Family History Societies, Local History Groups, U3As, etc 

  1.  Family History – Sources before 1837

  2.  Grave Concerns - more than a last resting place

  3.  Researching Yorkshire Ancestors online

  4.  Digging into … the Parish Chest – what is / was in there?

  5.  Bridging the gap – aka Descendant Tracing - working forwards from the 1921 census

  6.  Wills for Family History – With so many online indexes, there’s no excuse – check!

  7.  Writing Your Family History – Moving on from record sheets and charts

  8.  Reading the Original – Hints and Tips for deciphering old documents

  9.  From Cradle to Grave – A lifetime of sources, how many have you made use of?

  10.  Discovering Manorial records – working back from 1926 to 1089!

  11.  19th Century Boom and Bust – Exploring business and family fortunes

  12.  Ideas for researching Non-Conformist ancestors

  13.  In the name of Family History - stories from Archives, Libraries, Museums & more

  14.  Maps for Family, Local & House History - opening up ideas and resources for research

For useful case study presentations see topics 1, 6, 8, 10, 11 and 13 in Jackie's general section

Duration:           -   Generally 45 minutes to one hour with some topics easily extended for longer meetings

Fee :                 -    £55 : Cheque or bank transfer

Expenses:        -    A contribution to travel costs requested where applicable

Availability:       -   Almost anytime

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