Marble Surface

With a wide range of both general and genealogy talks Jackie now presents these online via either her own or Client's zoom accounts. If you would like to know more read on ...

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General Talk Topics - ideal for any audience

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Marble Surface
  1.  Upstairs Downstairs – From humble beginnings to the American dream **

  2.  Crowning Glory – Celebrate Chimney Pots and Stacks

  3.  Weathervanes – What’s blowing in the wind?

  4.  The Fulneck Moravian Settlement, Pudsey, nr Leeds – Brief history & pictorial tour

  5.  Twixt Leeds and Bradford – Past and Present in the Green Belt Corridor

  6.  Remnants of a lost life - A brief encounter with life and The First World War **

  7.  To prove I’m not forgotten – Visiting WWI Battlefields and Cemeteries

  8.  Chasing Million Eyres – From Leeds to Kamchatka **

  9.  Discovering Family History – What’s it all about?

  10.  Bermuda, Berlin and Brill; two wars, two wives - the Stage is set **

  11.  Riding along on the crest of a wave – Hull, Hampshire and Cornish cream teas! **

  12.  A Grand Day out – some historic homes and their stories

  13.  Our House and Its Contents – can include sources for house history **

** suitable for case study presentations

Duration:           -   Generally 45 minutes to one hour with some talks extendable if required

Fee :                 -    £50 : Cheque or bank transfer

Availability:        -   Almost anytime depending on adult education teaching commitments

Online               -   Zoom preferred, own account available. No recording please