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Jackie has been teaching Family History courses, mainly for the WEA since the days of micro-film and fiche = twenty + years!

2022 Courses

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Thank you to everyone who is or has participated in 2022 courses.

 Summer Term programme follows - all delivered online. * = postcode restriction

All one course available for enrolment

WEA courses supported by Canvas

A virtual learning environment, share ideas, interests and research

Should a course be full please sign up on the Waiting List.  In the event of additional places being released they are automatically offered to people on the list.  We might even get enough interest for a second course!

Family History - New Sources or Old Series IV : WEA C3680619

Wednesdays 6 April 2022 x 6 sessions. 10.00 am start x 2 hours

Family Historian Software - WEA  C2347250 : C2347251

3 x two two hour sessions. 10.00 am starts. Sessions standalone or can be undertaken as a set

Part I completed : Part II completed : Part III Wednesday 8 & 15 June 2022

Family Historian Software - As it happens - WEA

Proposed : Two more two hour sessions sharing and discussing recording in Family Historian

Family History - My Ancestor was ..... : WEA C3680649 

Thursdays 9 June 2022 x 5 sessions. 10.00 am start x 90 minutes

Family History - Sources before 1837 Part II : WEA C3680806 *

Tuesdays 21 June 2022 x 4 sessions over 5 weeks  2.15 start for 90 minutes